Polisport introduces the Mud-Pro. A set of fenders distinguished by a new mounting system. This is the new ultimate protection for you and your (e-)mountain bike.

Mud-Pro front fender

This front fender features a new mounting system. The fender is equipped with a FIDLOCK© magnetic connector that doubles as a screw. This allows you to install and remove the fender in no time, without using any tools. The plug stays in the front fork and you attach the fender with the magnetic connector.

The Mud-Pro is suitable for (electric) mountain bikes with disc brakes or with v-brakes. The mounting system fits suspension or fixed front forks with a head tube interior diameter between 20-35 mm. The fender comes with two adapter kits so you can choose the best fit. For an optimal fit, you can adjust the rear portion of the front fender in height (tools required). All the Fixing materials are included.

Mud-Pro rear fender

The Mud-Pro rear fender features an optimized new mounting system. Thanks to the built-in lever, you can easily adjust the mudguard to seatposts ranging in diameter from 27 to 35 mm. You don’t need any tools and thanks to the rubber lining, the fender has perfect grip. For an optimal fit, you can adjust the fender in several ways – you can position and adjust the angle and spacing according to your wheel size. The Mud-Pro also has an extra tail, which you can attach to the fender to increase the protective surface area or adjust the fit to different wheel sizes. Mounting hardware is included.

Recommended retail prices:

Mud-Pro Set €29.99
Mud-Pro front fender €20.99
Mud-Pro rear fender €13.99

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