We are proud to announce that the Ursus Mooi+ bicycle stand, equipped with the innovative Anti-Noise System (ANS), and the Herrmans Nucore grips have been nominated for the prestigious Bicycle Innovation Awards 2024!

The Ursus Mooi+ with ANS is more than just a standard-it’s a game-changer. Say goodbye to irritating rattling while cycling, thanks to the Anti-Noise System. Enjoy a quiet and smooth cycling experience with this advanced technology.

And let’s not forget the Herrmans Nucore grips – designed for comfort, performance and for a better planet. These grips are the first bio-based grips on the market and are redefining the way we bike. The inner core is made of a biocomposite based on natural fibers and recycled polypropylene. The bioplastics used are made exclusively from biomaterials grown on land not suitable for food production.

One of Herrmans’ main goals is to gradually reduce dependence on fossil plastics. Nucore’s biobased material mix consists of 25-30% biobased material, depending on the model. In other words, Nucore reduces the use of fossil-based plastics by 25-30%, preventing the unnecessary extraction of precious non-renewable resources from the earth.

Recognition by the Bicycle Innovation Awards is an honor and a testament to the commitment to excellence and innovation of both Ursus and Herrmans. It is a proud moment for our agency and the brands we represent.

Kudos to the talented teams at Ursus and Herrmans for pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the bike industry. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is inspiring and this nomination is well deserved.

The winners of the Bicycle Innovation Awards 2024 will be announced during a ceremony at the B2B Festival on 26 February. Wish us luck!