Velofollies – booth542
Verduin Agency staat van 19 t/m 21 januari 2024 voor het eerst op Velofollies in Kortrijk. See you there?

Verduin Agency is an independent agency that was founded in 2005. From our office in Utrecht, we represent various brands of bicycle parts and accessories in the Benelux. Brands we represent are: Ursus, Eurofender, Herrmans Bike Components, Polisport and Bobike. Our manufacturers are located in Italy, Portugal and Finland which allows us to provide our customers with high quality, European made and European tested products with a short lead time. Brands that are contemporary but also value sustainability.

Our portfolio includes some of the most innovative and high-quality products in the bicycle industry. Bobike is Bobike known worldwide for their high-quality child seats with a great sense of style, Herrmans is a leader in handles and lighting and a leader in sustainable manufacturing, Eurofender is a leading manufacturer of lightweight but ultra-strong fenders and Ursus offers the strongest standards and will also showcase its high-end wheels and handlebars during Velofollies.