The benchmark in bicycle safety seats

We understand your fears.

For nine months your baby was safe and sound, protected by your body. And all of a sudden you are a parent. Your world will never be the same. Of course you are overwhelmed by the amount of love this little person brings into your life (and the sleepless nights are not contributing to your sanity either). But from this point on, your number one priority is to keep this baby safe. And that in itself is a lot to handle. –

We want to help you keep your baby safe. Believe it or not, your life continues. Nothing beats exploring the world on your bicycle, going on adventures together. Feeling the wind blow through your hair and enjoying the sunshine on your face.

All this with your baby safe in between your arms in a Bobike safety seat. We live and breathe safety. Besides clever Dutch design, comfort and ease of use, Bobike uses a unique double-walled design for all of her safety seats to ensure optimum protection.