Bobike GO RS nominated for Baby Innovation Award

Bobike GO with Sleep Mode has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2024! – Bobike, the leading manufacturer of innovative bicycle seats, is pleased to announce that the Bobike GO with Sleep Mode has been nominated for the prestigious Baby Innovation Award 2024 in the Mobility carseat/bike category. This recognition confirms Bobike’s ongoing commitment to designing and manufacturing high-quality, safe and innovative products for young families.

The jury received 45 innovative entries for the Baby Innovation Award 2024. The judges saw the biggest developments in the Mobility category. “We are increasingly ‘on the move’ and need products to transport our children safely and conveniently. Trends in this are: multifunctionality, new technologies to make traveling with children more comfortable and safer, more attention to ergonomics and compact products to use in small spaces. And that is what we saw in the submitted strollers, baby carriages, baby carriers and bicycle seats,” said the jury.

The Bobike GO with Sleep Mode: Comfort and Safety combined.
The Bobike GO RS (Reclinable System) bike seat is specially designed to give parents and their little ones the ultimate cycling experience. With the integrated sleep mode function, children can comfortably lean back and relax during longer bike rides. With the push of a button, tilt the seat back 20º while the child can remain seated in the seat. This makes it ideal for family adventure trips and cycling vacations or for young children who still fall asleep quickly on the bike.

About the Baby Innovation Award
The Baby Innovation Award is a renowned prize given annually to products that stand out for their innovation, design and ease of use. The nomination of the Bobike GO with Sleep Mode recognizes the innovative features of this child seat, which puts the comfort and safety of young cyclists first.

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