For tubus, it was a strategic decision to sell the extrusion fenders division to further strengthen and professionalize the carriers and accessories sector. A modern assembly line for carrier accessories will soon be set up at the premises in Münster, where extrusion fenders were previously produced. This move will allow tubus to greatly increase efficiency and significantly increase flexibility in processing and expanding accessory operations.

“In the decision-making process for the strategic move to sell the extrusion fender division, it was clear to us that we would only sell to someone who has great expertise in this area, ensuring a well-functioning transition for our customers,” says Anthonie de Jong (COO). “With Eurofender we found a partner who knows not only the product but also the production process very well and for a long time. The talks were very cooperative and uncomplicated from the beginning, guaranteeing a smooth acquisition.” The removal of the machines took place in week 46.

Founded in 2009 by current CEO and owner Alberto Silvestri, Eurofender produces extruded fenders all made in Italy by a highly specialized team with extensive experience.

“Eurofender is very pleased with the acquisition of all Rainline assets from tubus because it is a great opportunity to increase our capacity, improve quality, reduce delivery time and expand our product range to become one of the key players in Europe,” said Alberto Silvestri (CEO).

The expansion of the production lines gives greater flexibility in the manufacturing process and the addition of the Rainline product range of accessories provides almost endless possibilities and options to customize a fender for any type of bicycle.

“Sometimes the fender is considered just a necessary component on a bicycle but for us it is a constant search for the optimal combination of quality, functionality and design.”

Starting early next year, current tubus customers will be supplied by Eurofender.